Arnie Niekamp presents...
#67: Broadway Musicals

Brendan Dowling and Martin Wilson chat about the golden age of the Broadway musical with Arnie. There is a lot more singing than usual.

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#66: Star Trek Voyager

Charlie McCrackin and Matt Young explain 'Star Trek: Voyager' to Arnie. It gets weirder than expected.

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#65: Human Centipede 2

Adal Rifai and Louie Saunders explain the grisly details of the gross-out horror sequel 'Human Centipede 2' to Arnie who really should have known better than to ask. Warning: the movie is apparently somehow even more disturbing than the original.

It's a really gross Stupid Nerd!

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Kevin Sciretta and Jason Chin explain the history of both Aquaman and Namor the Submariner to Arnie. It's a very aquatic Stupid Nerd.

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#63: Pie Fest XIII

Evan and Shama Jacover explain the crazy pies of Pie Fest XIII to Arnie. It's a pie-tastic episode of Stupid Nerd.

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Stupid Nerd #62: Vampire Diaries

Megan O'Neill and Alex Eilhauer explain the CW show Vampire Diaries to Arnie. Recommended for vampires and halfwerewolves alike.

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Matt Cavedon and Darius De La Cruz talk to Arnie about not purchasing anything for a year. Except groceries. And other stuff. Find out about their year and their podcast "No Purchase Necessary."

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Stupid Nerd #60: Assassins 2011 (pt3)

The final installment on the oral history of the Assassins game between iO and ComedySportz Chicago. Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, David Flora, Brett Elam and Josh Logan are back to explain who won and how. Cesar Jamie and Matt Manley are also interviewed.

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Stupid Nerd #59: Assassins 2011 (pt2)

The saga of the iO VS ComedySportz Assassins game continues. Interviews include: ComedySportz CEO Matt Elwell, Katy Colloton, Tim Frank, Peyton Brown and Peter Kremidas, as well as more from Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, Brett Elam, David Flora and Joshua Logan.

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