Arnie Niekamp presents...
Stupid Nerd #8 - Robotech Arnie learns about the animated series, Robotech, from Matt Young and Jeff Hansen.
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Stupid Nerd #7: Hulk Arnie learns about the Incredible Hulk from Kevin Sciretta and Charlie McCrackin.
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Stupid Nerd #6: vampire LARPing Arnie learns about vampire live-action-role-playing from Chris Weil. Ryan DiGiorgi helps.
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Stupid Nerd #5: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Arnie learns about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from Steve Waltien, Alex Eilhauer and Griffen Eckstein.
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Stupid Nerd #4: G.I. Joe Arnie learns about G.I. Joe (the comics and cartoon show) from Matt Young, Nick Baer and Jeff Hansen.
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