Arnie Niekamp presents...

Arnie learns about various nerdy Christmas specials from Jason Chin, Sean Kelley and Padraic Connelly. Topics include the Star Wars Christmas special, various Muppets Christmas specials, an Epcot Christmas memory, and various takes on A Christmas Carol (among other things).

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Stupid Nerd #35: Human Centipede

Arnie learns all about the A.T.M. horror movie Human Centipede from his guests Adal Rifai, Mike Johnson and Rob White. Warning: There are some things you can't unlearn.

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Arnie learns about the mulit-volume fantasy series from his guests Laura Personic and Megan O'Neill. Female werewolves. Female ghosts. Female chaos demons.

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Arnie talks to Sean Ellis about his monthly fantasy LARP getaway weekends. You know, camping and pretending to be a gypsy fighting stone elves.

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Still more serial killers. Arnie's guests Louie Saunders, Ellen Haeg and Molly Willbanks are back to talk about serial killers yet again. This time we talk about the Beltway Snipers, the ten year old killer Mary Bell, the BTK Killer and get the latest updates on the Zodiac.

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Arnie learns about being a food nerd from Adal Rifai and Marla Caceres. Many Chicago restaurants are discussed.

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We're back. Arnie Niekamp learns about Superman from Sean Kelley and Jorin Garguilo.

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Stupid Nerd Bonus: Aphasia podcast on nerdiness

An excerpt from the "Aphasia Presents Something" podcast starring Jeff Griggs, Jeannie Cahill and Brett Lyons. They debate nerdiness and who is and isn't nerdy. Arnie will be back soon with more Stupid Nerd podcasts.

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Stupid Nerd #29: cryptic crosswords

Arnie learns about cryptic crosswords, an incredibly nerdy and more challenging variation on crossword puzzles from his guests Noah Gregoropoulus and Joe Burton. Make sure to download and print out the crossword we work on during this episode which you can find at posted right after this episode.

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Stupid Nerd #28: Nightmare on Elm Street

Arnie learns all about the "Nightmare on Elm Street" film franchise from his guests Adal Rifai and Ryan DiGiorgi.

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Stupid Nerd #27: Legend of Zelda

Arnie learns about The Legend of Zelda series of video games from guests Louie Saunders and Matt Young.

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Stupid Nerd #26: Competitive Pinball

Arnie learns about the exciting world of competitive pinball from Matt Meador and Josh Sharpe (world ranked pinball player and so much more).

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Stupid Nerd #25: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Special episode! Sarah Maher hosts. Arnie Niekamp and Megan O'Neill teach her about all seven seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

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Stupid Nerd #24: Medieval Times (Dinner & Tournament)

Arnie learns a little about Medieval Times (a jousting-themed stunt show dining experience) from Sarah Wonak and Matt Trupia. Chris Weil stops by briefly to share a story about being kicked out of Medieval Times.

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Stupid Nerd #23: Assassins

Arnie learns about the "pretend to kill your friends in public" game Assassins from two people who went a little crazy playing it: Shad Kunkle and Rich Prouty

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Stupid Nerd #22: Thor

Arnie learns about Marvel superhero Thor from Jason Chin and Chicago Comics owner, Eric Thornton. The episode was actually recorded near the back of the store.

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Stupid Nerd #21: more serial killers

Arnie learns more about serial killers (Gilles De Rais, H.H. Holmes and Enriqueta Marti) from Louis Saunders, Molly Wilbanks and Ellen Haeg. Louis also talks about his recent Zodiac killer tour of San Fransisco.

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Stupid Nerd #20: Chrono Trigger Arnie learns about the classic Super Nintendo RPG "Chrono Trigger" from Nate Fernald and Gene Gemperline.
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Stupid Nerd #19: vamprie LARPING 2 Chris Weil and Ryan DiGiorgi are back to delve further into the world of vampire Live Action Role Playing. This time Arnie and his guests each make Vampire: The Requiem characters for themselves for an upcoming game.
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Stupid Nerd #18: Ben Ten Arnie learns about the kid's cartoon 'Ben Ten' from two kids, his nephews Ty and Will.
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