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Mystery Cove Ep 310 (Delirium Tremens) Arnie's back at work! He and Steve discuss episode 310, 'Delirium Tremens.'
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Mystery Cove Ep 309 (Two in the Bush) Steve Waltein talks with director Jorin Garguilo about episode 309, 'Two in the Bush.'
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Mystery Cove FanCast #79 - Accessories Shane Wilson and Charlie McCrackin host the most popular Mystery Cove fan podcast on the internet. Listen in as they discuss episode 308 and the movie Sparkleduds.
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Mystery Cove Ep 308 (In-Jane-ity) Staff writer, Sarah Maher, answers questions about episode 308, 'In-Jane-ity.' She is joined by Tristan Tanner who plays Jane.
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Mystery Cove Ep 307 (Left) Arnie Niekamp checks in to discuss episode 307, 'Left.' He is joined by someone named Nick Baer.
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