Arnie Niekamp presents...
Stupid Nerd #21: more serial killers

Arnie learns more about serial killers (Gilles De Rais, H.H. Holmes and Enriqueta Marti) from Louis Saunders, Molly Wilbanks and Ellen Haeg. Louis also talks about his recent Zodiac killer tour of San Fransisco.

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Stupid Nerd #20: Chrono Trigger Arnie learns about the classic Super Nintendo RPG "Chrono Trigger" from Nate Fernald and Gene Gemperline.
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Stupid Nerd #19: vamprie LARPING 2 Chris Weil and Ryan DiGiorgi are back to delve further into the world of vampire Live Action Role Playing. This time Arnie and his guests each make Vampire: The Requiem characters for themselves for an upcoming game.
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Stupid Nerd #18: Ben Ten Arnie learns about the kid's cartoon 'Ben Ten' from two kids, his nephews Ty and Will.
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