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Mystery Cove Ep 306 (Terror Town) Steve Waltein and Katie Rich, the actress who plays Carol, answer your questions about episode 306, 'Terror Town.'
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Mystery Cove Update (7.16.08) Arnie has a message for the fans.
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Mystery Cove - Don Eisold Arnie Niekamp and Steve Waltein address the rumors about Don Eisold, Mystery Cove's David.
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>>Sparkleduds Matt Young (Jack) talks to Megan O'Neill, the writer/director of his new film, Sparkleduds.
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Mystery Cove Ep 305 (Some Time Later) Steve Waltein answers your questions about flash-forward episode 305, 'Some Time Later.'
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Mystery Cove Ep 304 (47 Coffins) Arnie Niekamp and staff writer Matt Trupia answer questions about episode 304, '47 Coffins.'
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