Arnie Niekamp presents...
#67: Broadway Musicals

Brendan Dowling and Martin Wilson chat about the golden age of the Broadway musical with Arnie. There is a lot more singing than usual.

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#66: Star Trek Voyager

Charlie McCrackin and Matt Young explain 'Star Trek: Voyager' to Arnie. It gets weirder than expected.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_Voyager.mp3
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#65: Human Centipede 2

Adal Rifai and Louie Saunders explain the grisly details of the gross-out horror sequel 'Human Centipede 2' to Arnie who really should have known better than to ask. Warning: the movie is apparently somehow even more disturbing than the original.

It's a really gross Stupid Nerd!

Direct download: stupid_nerd_65_human_centiped_2.mp3
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Kevin Sciretta and Jason Chin explain the history of both Aquaman and Namor the Submariner to Arnie. It's a very aquatic Stupid Nerd.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_64_Aquaman.mp3
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#63: Pie Fest XIII

Evan and Shama Jacover explain the crazy pies of Pie Fest XIII to Arnie. It's a pie-tastic episode of Stupid Nerd.

Direct download: stupidnerd63piefest.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #62: Vampire Diaries

Megan O'Neill and Alex Eilhauer explain the CW show Vampire Diaries to Arnie. Recommended for vampires and halfwerewolves alike.

Direct download: StupidNerdVampireDiaries1.mp3
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Matt Cavedon and Darius De La Cruz talk to Arnie about not purchasing anything for a year. Except groceries. And other stuff. Find out about their year and their podcast "No Purchase Necessary."

Direct download: stupid_nerd_no_purchase_final.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #60: Assassins 2011 (pt3)

The final installment on the oral history of the Assassins game between iO and ComedySportz Chicago. Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, David Flora, Brett Elam and Josh Logan are back to explain who won and how. Cesar Jamie and Matt Manley are also interviewed.

Direct download: stupid_nerd_60_assassins_2011_pt3.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #59: Assassins 2011 (pt2)

The saga of the iO VS ComedySportz Assassins game continues. Interviews include: ComedySportz CEO Matt Elwell, Katy Colloton, Tim Frank, Peyton Brown and Peter Kremidas, as well as more from Kat Gotsick, Jon Forsythe, Brett Elam, David Flora and Joshua Logan.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_Assassins_2011_pt2.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #58: Assassins 2011 (pt1)

The epic Assassins game between iO Chicago and Comedy Sportz! Arnie interviews Kat Gotsick and Jon Forsythe, who ran the game, along with players David Flora, Brett Elam and Josh Logan. Also interviewed in part one: Charna Halpern, Blaine Swen, Jet Eveleth, Adal Rifai, Louis Saunders, Alex Trepka, Patrick Rowland and Nikki Pierce. Look for part two coming after the holidays.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_58_-_Assassins_2011_pt1.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #57: Hanukkah

Harry Gottlieb (creator of You Don't Know Jack) and Evan Jacover teach Arnie all about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

Direct download: stupid_nerd_hanukka_final.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #56: Adam West's Batman

Jason Chin and Matt Young talk about the campy 60's Batman television show starring Adam West.

Direct download: stupid_nerd_adam_west_final.mp3
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Stupid Nerd Bonus: Disney World 9/11

A quick clip from The Poor Choices Show where Brendan Jennings talks to host Mark Colomb about working at Disney World, including working there, in costume, on 9/11.

Direct download: stupidnerd_bonus_disney_911.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #55: Disneyland/Disney World

Lisa Linke, Sam Super and Thom Gaughan let Arnie in on their favorite things and some secrets about Disneyland and Disney World.

Direct download: stupidnerd_55_Disney.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #54: Sports

Big Ten Network host, Mike Hall, and Second City's Tim Baltz help Arnie understand how sports can be nerdy, but rewarding. They also talk about broadcasting school, ESPN's 'Dream Job' and Ultimate Frisbee.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow54.mp3
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Louie Saunders, Molly Wilbanks and Ellen Haeg are back to update Arnie on serial killers for a fourth time. This time they've decided to dig in an try to investigate a case themselves.

Direct download: stupidnerd_serial_killers4_final.mp3
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Jorin Garguilo and Adal Rifai explain the TV show Supernatural to Arnie. It is apparently more than Route 66 meets Buffy.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_52_Supernatural.mp3
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Arnie has a new podcast, "We Wrongly Assume (People Care What We Say)." Stupid Nerd will continue, but you'll want to go subscribe to this new one as well, to make sure you don't miss future installments. For this first episode Arnie's guests are Steve Waltien and Rush Howell.

Direct download: WeWronglyAssumeStupidNerd_promo.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #51: The Oscars

Arnie talks to Academy Awards nerds Craig Cackowski and Brendan Dowling about what's wonderful and sometimes annoying about the Oscars.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_51_-_Oscars.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #50: Lizard People/Clockwork Elves

Arnie learns about the lizard people who live among us and control our governments from guests Irene Marquette and Allard Laban. He also learns about the Clockwork Elves from another dimension. Just for fun, hollow earth, Mormons and Paul McCartney are also discussed.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_50_-_Lizard_People.mp3
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Arnie learns about the underwater scifi show, 'SeaQuest' from his guests, Shane Wilson and Sean Kelley.

Direct download: stupidnerdseaquestfinal.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #48: Sierra Games

Arnie learns about classic computer adventure games made by Sierra Games (Kings Quest, Space Quest... Police Quest) from the Ryder brothers, Tim Ryder and Josh Ryder.

Direct download: stupidnerdsierragames.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #47: geocaching

Arnie learns about geocaching, GPS scavenger hunts, from his guests Rance Rizzutto, Rich Prouty and Tara DeFrancisco.   

Direct download: stupid_nerd_47_geo.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #46: Dr. Who (1963-1989)

Arnie learns about the classic British scifi TV series 'Doctor Who,' covering several decades of the original run of the series from guests Chris Rathjen and Shaun Clayton. (P.S. It's kind of a long one)

Direct download: stupid_nerd_46_dr_who.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #45: mascotting

Arnie learns about being a mascot, for college sports and summer amusement parks from Steve Heinrich.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow45.mp3
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Stupid Nerd Bonus: Arnie on Hamlet

A special bonus. From Chicago's Paper Machete show (and podcast) Arnie reads a piece he wrote for Shakespeare's birthday, about the horrible things we've all done to Hamlet.

Direct download: paper_machete_for_stupid_nerd_0.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #44: War of the Ring

Arnie learns about the LOTR board game War of the Ring, from Shad Kunkle. Shad owns a massive (and expensive), limited edition hand crafted version of the game. Arnie and Shad's wife, Kate Hawley, try to figure out whether it's worth it.

Direct download: stupid_nerd_44_war_of_the_ring.mp3
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Arnie learns about Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective that ever lived, from his guests Jason Chin and Shane Wilson.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_43_-_Holmes.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #42: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Arnie is joined by the 3033's Bill Arnett and Andy St. Clair who talk about thier trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the new Harry Potter amusement park in Florida.

Direct download: stupidnerdwizardingworld.mp3
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Arnie learns about The Hunger Games, the YA postapocolyptic novel from his guests Sarah Maher, Megan O'Neill and Matt Meador. They actually set out to talk about the entire trilogy but got so caught up describing how they'd fight to survive that they spent the whole hour talking about the first book.

Direct download: StupidNerd41HungerGames.mp3
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Arnie learns about the torture horror 'Saw' franchise from the hosts of the Critical End podcast, Logan Lee and Ryan DiGiorgi.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_40_-_Saw.mp3
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Arnie learns about the Great Elder God Cthulu, and the other horrors created by H.P. Lovecraft from his guests, Chris Rathjen and Jorin Garguilo.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_39_-_cthulu.mp3
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Arnie learns about the insanely popular on-line roleplaying game 'World of Warcraft' from his guests Sammy Tamimi and Chip Aucion.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_38_WoW.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #37: sci fi camp

Arnie talks to Eden Robins about attending the Clairon Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Workshop (aka "scifi summer camp"), science fiction writing in general, and having the same name as someone else.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_scifi_camp_final.mp3
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Arnie learns about various nerdy Christmas specials from Jason Chin, Sean Kelley and Padraic Connelly. Topics include the Star Wars Christmas special, various Muppets Christmas specials, an Epcot Christmas memory, and various takes on A Christmas Carol (among other things).

Direct download: StupidNerd36Xmas.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #35: Human Centipede

Arnie learns all about the A.T.M. horror movie Human Centipede from his guests Adal Rifai, Mike Johnson and Rob White. Warning: There are some things you can't unlearn.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_35-_Human_Centipede.mp3
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Arnie learns about the mulit-volume fantasy series from his guests Laura Personic and Megan O'Neill. Female werewolves. Female ghosts. Female chaos demons.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow34.mp3
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Arnie talks to Sean Ellis about his monthly fantasy LARP getaway weekends. You know, camping and pretending to be a gypsy fighting stone elves.

Direct download: StupidNerd33mix1b.mp3
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Still more serial killers. Arnie's guests Louie Saunders, Ellen Haeg and Molly Willbanks are back to talk about serial killers yet again. This time we talk about the Beltway Snipers, the ten year old killer Mary Bell, the BTK Killer and get the latest updates on the Zodiac.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_32_serial_killers_3.mp3
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Arnie learns about being a food nerd from Adal Rifai and Marla Caceres. Many Chicago restaurants are discussed.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_Foodies.mp3
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We're back. Arnie Niekamp learns about Superman from Sean Kelley and Jorin Garguilo.

Direct download: StupidNerdEp30.mp3
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Stupid Nerd Bonus: Aphasia podcast on nerdiness

An excerpt from the "Aphasia Presents Something" podcast starring Jeff Griggs, Jeannie Cahill and Brett Lyons. They debate nerdiness and who is and isn't nerdy. Arnie will be back soon with more Stupid Nerd podcasts.

Direct download: stupid_nerd_bonus_aphasia.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #29: cryptic crosswords

Arnie learns about cryptic crosswords, an incredibly nerdy and more challenging variation on crossword puzzles from his guests Noah Gregoropoulus and Joe Burton. Make sure to download and print out the crossword we work on during this episode which you can find at posted right after this episode.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow29.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #28: Nightmare on Elm Street

Arnie learns all about the "Nightmare on Elm Street" film franchise from his guests Adal Rifai and Ryan DiGiorgi.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_28_-_Elm_Street.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #27: Legend of Zelda

Arnie learns about The Legend of Zelda series of video games from guests Louie Saunders and Matt Young.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow27.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #26: Competitive Pinball

Arnie learns about the exciting world of competitive pinball from Matt Meador and Josh Sharpe (world ranked pinball player and so much more).

Direct download: StupidNerdShow26.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #25: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Special episode! Sarah Maher hosts. Arnie Niekamp and Megan O'Neill teach her about all seven seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Direct download: StupidNerdShow25.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #24: Medieval Times (Dinner & Tournament)

Arnie learns a little about Medieval Times (a jousting-themed stunt show dining experience) from Sarah Wonak and Matt Trupia. Chris Weil stops by briefly to share a story about being kicked out of Medieval Times.

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_24_-_Medieval_Times.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #23: Assassins

Arnie learns about the "pretend to kill your friends in public" game Assassins from two people who went a little crazy playing it: Shad Kunkle and Rich Prouty

Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_23_Assasins.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #22: Thor

Arnie learns about Marvel superhero Thor from Jason Chin and Chicago Comics owner, Eric Thornton. The episode was actually recorded near the back of the store.

Direct download: StupidNerdShow22.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #21: more serial killers

Arnie learns more about serial killers (Gilles De Rais, H.H. Holmes and Enriqueta Marti) from Louis Saunders, Molly Wilbanks and Ellen Haeg. Louis also talks about his recent Zodiac killer tour of San Fransisco.

Direct download: StupidNerdshow21.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #20: Chrono Trigger Arnie learns about the classic Super Nintendo RPG "Chrono Trigger" from Nate Fernald and Gene Gemperline.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow20mix1.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #19: vamprie LARPING 2 Chris Weil and Ryan DiGiorgi are back to delve further into the world of vampire Live Action Role Playing. This time Arnie and his guests each make Vampire: The Requiem characters for themselves for an upcoming game.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow19.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #18: Ben Ten Arnie learns about the kid's cartoon 'Ben Ten' from two kids, his nephews Ty and Will.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_18_Ben_Ten.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #17: Dragonlance Arnie learns about the Dragonlance books from Steve Waltien (aka Raistlin Majere) and Nick Baer (aka Tanis Half-Elven). It goes without saying that it's super-nerdy.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow17.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #16: Professional Wrestling Arnie's guests Zach Thompson and Josh Breit teach him about the complex world of professional wrestling.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_16_-_Wrestling.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #15: Neon Genesis Evangelion Arnie learns about the crazy anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion from Laura Grey and Irene Marquette.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow15.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #14: Robin, the Boy Wonder Arnie learns about Batman's sidekick(s), Robin, from Craig Uhlir, Jason Chin and Matt Young.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow14.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #13: the holographic universe Steve Heinrich and Chris Weil blow Arnie's mind by explaining that our entire universe might be a hologram. Maybe. Sort of.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow13.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #12: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Arnie learns about the short-lived FOX series 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' from Shad Kunkle and Shaun Clayton.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_-_Sarah_Connor_Chronicles.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #11: The Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas Arnie gets a behind-the-scenes peek at the Las Vegas attraction, The Star Trek Experience from two of its former employees/performers, Griffen Eckstein and Irene Marquette.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_11.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #10: Friday the 13th Arnie learns about all 12 'Friday the 13th' movies from Jason Chin and Ryan DiGiorgi.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_Friday_the_13th.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #9: online Halo "clans" Arnie learns about playing Halo on X-Box Live with a "clan," from David Dague, Tyler Lansdown and Scot Goodhart (Gunslingers from Tied the Leader). Find out what the hell that even means.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_9_Halo.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #8 - Robotech Arnie learns about the animated series, Robotech, from Matt Young and Jeff Hansen.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow8.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #7: Hulk Arnie learns about the Incredible Hulk from Kevin Sciretta and Charlie McCrackin.
Direct download: stupid_nerd_hulk.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #6: vampire LARPing Arnie learns about vampire live-action-role-playing from Chris Weil. Ryan DiGiorgi helps.
Direct download: stupid_nerd_larping.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #5: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Arnie learns about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from Steve Waltien, Alex Eilhauer and Griffen Eckstein.
Direct download: 05__Stupid_Nerd_Show_5.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #4: G.I. Joe Arnie learns about G.I. Joe (the comics and cartoon show) from Matt Young, Nick Baer and Jeff Hansen.
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_4.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #3: serial killers Arnie learns about serial killers from Louie Saunders, Molly Wilbanks and Ellen Haeg
Direct download: Stupid_Nerd_3.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #2: Twilight Arnie learns about the Twilight series from Megan O'Neill, Jill Blanford-Connolly and Nick Baer.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow2mix1.mp3
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Stupid Nerd #1: Green Lantern Arnie learns about the Green Lantern, with the help of Jason Chin, Craig Uhlir and Charlie McCrackin.
Direct download: StupidNerdShow1mix1.mp3
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>>Sparkleduds on HD-DVD Matthew Young shares excerpts of the commentary tracks from the HD-DVD of 'Sparkleduds.' Special guests include (writer/director) Megan O'Neill, (punch-up writer) Matt Trupia and (bird wrangler) Bill Cochran.
Direct download: Sparkleduds_HD-DVD.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 9:25pm CDT

Steve and Arnie check in to let you know THE SHOW IS NOT CANCELED!! Yet.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Update_Hiatus.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 8:51pm CDT

Mystery Cove FanCast #88 - Beverly Shane Wilson and Charlie McCrackin discuss the lack of new Mystery Cove episodes during this installment of their MC fan podcast.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Fancast_88.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 9:24pm CDT

Mystery Cove Ep 313 (Mors Tua Vita Mea) Arnie answers fan questions about episode 313, 'Mors Tua Vita Mea.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_313_Mors_Tua_Vita_Mea.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 11:36pm CDT

Mystery Cove Ep 312 (Jackal) Steve and Matthew Young (Jack) discuss episode 312, 'Jackal.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_312_Jackal.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 10:18pm CDT

Mystery Cove Ep 311 (Like Father Like Son) Arnie and Steve answer fan questions about episode 311, 'Like Father, Like Son.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_311_Like_Father_Like_Son.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 9:02pm CDT

Mystery Cove Ep 310 (Delirium Tremens) Arnie's back at work! He and Steve discuss episode 310, 'Delirium Tremens.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_310_Delirium_Tremens.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 9:50pm CDT

Mystery Cove Ep 309 (Two in the Bush) Steve Waltein talks with director Jorin Garguilo about episode 309, 'Two in the Bush.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_309_Two_in_the_Bush.mp3
Category:mysterycove -- posted at: 7:55pm CDT

Mystery Cove FanCast #79 - Accessories Shane Wilson and Charlie McCrackin host the most popular Mystery Cove fan podcast on the internet. Listen in as they discuss episode 308 and the movie Sparkleduds.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Fancast_79_-_Accessories.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 308 (In-Jane-ity) Staff writer, Sarah Maher, answers questions about episode 308, 'In-Jane-ity.' She is joined by Tristan Tanner who plays Jane.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_308_In-Jane-ity.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 307 (Left) Arnie Niekamp checks in to discuss episode 307, 'Left.' He is joined by someone named Nick Baer.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_307_Left.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 306 (Terror Town) Steve Waltein and Katie Rich, the actress who plays Carol, answer your questions about episode 306, 'Terror Town.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_306_Terror_Town.mp3
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Mystery Cove Update (7.16.08) Arnie has a message for the fans.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Update_7.16.08.mp3
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Mystery Cove - Don Eisold Arnie Niekamp and Steve Waltein address the rumors about Don Eisold, Mystery Cove's David.
Direct download: Don_Eisold.mp3
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>>Sparkleduds Matt Young (Jack) talks to Megan O'Neill, the writer/director of his new film, Sparkleduds.
Direct download: Sparkleduds.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 305 (Some Time Later) Steve Waltein answers your questions about flash-forward episode 305, 'Some Time Later.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_305_Some_Time_Later.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 304 (47 Coffins) Arnie Niekamp and staff writer Matt Trupia answer questions about episode 304, '47 Coffins.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_304_47_Coffins.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 303 (Bird's Eye) Arnie Niekamp and Steve Waltien answer fan questions about episode 303, 'Bird's Eye.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_303.mp3
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Mystery Cove Bonus - The Jack File Get to know Matthew Young who plays Mystery Cove's star, Jack.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_-_The_Jack_File.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 302 Arnie Niekamp and staff writer Sarah Maher answer fan questions about episode 302, 'Hello Sister.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_302.mp3
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Mystery Cove Ep 301 Arnie Niekamp answers your questions about ep. 301, 'Ashes to Ashes.'
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Ep_301.mp3
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Don't forget to send your questions and reactions to the season three premiere, 'Ashes to Ashes,' to so we can read them on the podcast.
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Mystery Cove Premiere Postshow Message Co-executive producers Arnie Niekamp and Steve Waltien share some quick thoughts following the premiere of season three.
Direct download: Mystery_Cove_Premiere_Postshow_Message.mp3
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Mystery Cove Season Three Preview Co-executive producers Arnie Niekamp and Steve Waltien preview season three of 'Mystery Cove'
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